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Getting through a Cold Medication-Free

Common colds are something everyone has to deal with throughout their lives. While it’s annoying for anyone, it’s especially bad for us online content creators as we need to have our health in order for us to be productive.

This past week has been rough for me as halfway through Thursday I ended up with a terrible frog in my throat. You can even hear my voice give out at the end of the thirty-ninth episode of my Let’s Play of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. After that my voice went completely downhill. It wasn’t until today that my voice has really started to come back enough to record anything. Continue reading


How I Learned to Appreciate Criticism

Criticism: everyone has gotten it at some point and I don’t think anyone really likes it. When I first started making videos I hated it when people criticized the content I made. I felt that I had spent hours on these videos only to receive criticism from people. But as time has gone on I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve started not only being able to deal with criticism but even appreciate it!

Now admittedly I still don’t like having my content criticized and I still get annoyed by people who criticize based merely on the premise of having a difference of opinion. But when it comes to actual criticism to the quality of or the arguments presented in a video, article, or podcast I’ve learned that criticism is actually one of the best kinds of feedback you can get. Continue reading

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5 Tips for Better Commentary

Whether your media is podcasting or video, good commentary is essential. How appealing it is to listen to your voice will determine whether most people stick around to listen to you and whether they end up subscribing in the end. So yeah—it’s pretty important.

When I first started doing commentary for my tutorials and podcasts I hated every bit of it. I hated the sound of my voice, I hated how dull I felt while doing commentary, and I hated how often I messed up and choked on my own words. I still have some issues with doing commentary which is why I understand why so many people prefer to remain text-based with blogging or (gasp!) forcing YouTube viewers to read. Continue reading

Bandicam and snagit

Snagit vs. Bandicam: The Best Screen Capture Software

Whether you’re into software tutorials or doing Let’s Plays of PC games, you’re going to need a program that can record your screen. So today I wanted to give you guys some tips on what you should consider when choosing a screen capture software.

Back in the day when I tried to find a good screen capture software for free on Windows, I didn’t have much luck. There was always some limitations attached to the software that kept it from doing everything I wanted. So I ended up trying out trials of multiple programs before settling on Snagit and Bandicam. Continue reading