Questions to ask before starting a blog

3 Questions to Ask before Starting a Blog

There are a lot of blogs on the internet about all sorts of topics and a lot of them have become pretty successful. So it’s natural for other people to want to make blogs so they can become internet famous as well. Perhaps you’re one of these people who is interested in starting a blog, but first you need to ask yourself a few questions.

There are many questions that need to be answered before starting a blog. For instance, which host are you going to use for your blog? What do you want to accomplish through this blog? Should you pay for hosting? What should it be called? How often should you post? These are all important questions that need to be answered, but at the very core I believe there are three fundamental questions that need answered before you even get to creating your blog. Continue reading

Three Ways Podcasting has changed my life

3 Ways Podcasting Changed my Life

To be honest I don’t know if I should be doing another blogpost about podcasting. If I keep this up people are going to think that I’m a sellout using International Podcast Day as a means to promote my selfish ends. Is that what I’m trying to do? No, I really do love podcasts and I love podcasting. I actually hadn’t been doing it much until about 3 months before I heard about International Podcast Day.

But once I got into it I was able to have a lot more fun with it than I could when I was younger (in part because I now have another podcast where Joe and I get to talk about whatever we want). But with International Podcast Day going on I’ve just been thinking about my life as an amateur podcaster and how podcasts have affected me personally. And since I’m now writing for this blog once a week I’ve had to take advantage of whatever happens to be on my mind each week. And during these past few weeks that’s been podcasting. Continue reading


Promoting your Blog to Bigger Websites

So if you get any traction on the internet at all you’re eventually going to get emails, messages, and comments from people telling you all about their great new blog, website, or book that they’ve got going on. And to be honest it’s just annoying. But recently I started wondering how it was for the people sending these messages.

You may be one of these people: you spend hours day after day what seems like really good content. But when you post your article or video on your blog you get nothing. No comments, no emails (except for bloggers who think that you’re famous), no sponsorship deals, nothing. Continue reading


5 Ways I’m Celebrating Podcast Day

September 30th is International Podcast Day and as I promised last week; this week I’m writing about 5 ways I’m celebrating it this year.

I actually hadn’t ever heard of Podcast Day before until I got an email from Daniel J. Lewis from the Audacity to Podcast. After looking into it however, I realized that this was an amazing opportunity to celebrate the podcasting movement. So this year here’s 5 ways that I’m celebrating. Continue reading


Hello Internet!

Hello and welcome to the home to Vinnie Harned (that’s me) where I document my journey as an intermediate content creator as I try to build the audiences around my YouTube channels, websites, and podcasts. I’m hoping to be able to inspire others as well as give some other content creators like myself encouragement and advice as we struggle through this process of creating a fan-base. There’s still a lot of work left to do on this site, so be sure to check back here in a week as I keep adding new things!


Interviews, Mission Trip, & New Site

So this past week has crept up and taken me by surprise. Now halfway through I’m pretty worn out and I’m not even halfway done with the things I have to get done this week! So I decided to give a little update on what’s been going on with me on my Blog—because that’s what blogs are for.

1 – New Podcast
So almost two months ago Joe and I started a brand new podcast for our YouTube channel called the Homeschooled NerdCast. It seems crazy that we’ve been going for that long, but the math does not lie!
Continue reading