Portal 2 is the Best Game EVER!

A while back I got through the main campaign of Portal 2. Getting to experience it for the first time blind was amazing and I really enjoyed it. Never before has a game impacted me as deeply as the Portal series did. At first I wasn’t sure what made the games so great but then I realized what makes these games so great.

The title for this post might seem a little bold given the fact that there are so many great video games which I would be putting underneath it, but if I wasn’t ready to defend it I would’ve called this post something different. Besides, when I say best I don’t mean that Portal 2 is my favorite game of all timeā€”just that it is the most balanced and ingeniously designed games. Continue reading

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How to Avoid Taking on Too Much

As I mentioned in Last Friday’s Post, I like to have plenty of things on my plate in order to never end up having nothing to do. However, because of this I’ve sometimes ended up with way too much to get done in the week which can get pretty stressful. So how do you avoid taking on too much?

While taking on too much is an easy thing to do, getting to the point where you only do what you need to do isn’t too awful hard once you have your priorities straightened out. So here are a few tips I came up with for myself to help me avoid taking on too much. Continue reading


Am I using my Gifts Properly?

So this past week has been pretty stressful for me partly because of all the stuff I have to do but also because I had a bit of a cold leftover from last week still which made it difficult to get stuff done. So between my main channel, gaming channel, and this blog it’s been a hassle trying to get everything done.

Recently I’ve come to the conclusion that while at times it feels like I have taken on too much, that’s just the way I need my lifestyle to be in order to get stuff done. If I don’t force myself to come out with new content every week, I quickly get to the point where I either stop making content or go mad with boredom until I’m forced to do more. Continue reading

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