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5 Tips for Starting a YouTube Gaming Channel

I’m kind of stuck up on YouTube Gaming Channels right now. Partly because I’ve been doing quite a bit on mine, but also because a lot of people are doing Let’s Plays. Sometimes it feels like 9 out of 10 YouTube channels are gaming channels.

Unfortunately a lot of gaming channels make a lot of mistakes and have a lot of room for improvement. But it’s hard because other gaming channels are pumping out multiple video every single day—how do you get better when having to create several videos every single week? Well, this week I’m going to go over 5 tips I have for YouTube gamers for improving their channels. Continue reading

Let's Play!

Why I Love Let’s Play Videos

A few days ago I was listening to Josh Taylor’s podcast ‘Dear Future Josh’ when he mentioned that he didn’t understand or enjoy Let’s Play videos. I was actually kind of surprised to learn that partly because he and Jordan have a gaming channel, but also because I’ve always enjoyed Let’s Plays. But what Josh said in his podcast got me thinking, why do so many people like me enjoy watching other people play video games?

I immediately realized that just like Josh I didn’t really get Let’s Plays. I mean I enjoy watching them a lot, but in the same way I enjoy watching Blimey Cow’s Messy Mondays. I really like them but I don’t get them and would never have thought of doing it myself. So in order to understand Let’s Plays, I decided to try to figure out why I love watching them so much. Continue reading

Still Not Famous
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Personal vs. Business Blogs

There are a lot of blogs on the internet these days. Of those, most of them are probably personal blogs (most of which we’ll probably never even see) and the others are more of a business type. Personal blogs are usually done by a single person just wanting to write about themselves whereas business blogs are done either by a team or by a person who wants their blog to seem as professional as possible.

Now keep in mind just because a blog doesn’t make money means it’s a personal blog. A blog could be set up just like a business blog or someone could make a lot of money doing a personal blog but it all comes down to the format they choose for their blog. No format is perfect for everyone, but let’s go into some of the pros and cons of each type. Continue reading


New Podcast & Content Schedule

So I’ve got a new podcast and a new content schedule coming out. What’s that mean? Well here’s the scoop. For starter I’m changing the posting date from Friday to Monday and adding a new kind of post for Friday. The idea is that Monday’s post will have some awesome tips and advice to help content creators get motivated at the beginning of the week to improve their blog, podcast, or Youtube channel.

Then on Friday I’m going to start releasing posts that will be on a more personal level kind of like this post. I’ll either give an update as to what I’ve been doing or have a review of a book, movie, TV show, or video game. I want to keep everything oriented around content promotion, but I feel like these kind of posts could make the site more interesting plus having something at the end of the week to help you guys relax with a good book, movie, or video game. Continue reading


How to get Replies from your Emails

Whether you’re wanting to get a guest on your podcast, start a business relationship, or get someone to collaborate with you on YouTube; the first email you send to someone can be a pretty daunting thing. Oftentimes people get caught up in trying to say everything they want in their first email to someone. But believe it or not, that’s the biggest mistake you can make.

No doubt if you’re like me you’ve probably taken the time to get to know the person in question on the internet. You’ve watched their videos, listened to their podcast for a while, read their articles and blog, and now you’re certain that you would be valuable to each other. So you go to the contact page and then… wait… what should you say? Continue reading