Fridays with Vinnie

Fridays with Vinnie is a weekly podcast where I vent my frustrations of the week and occasionally have an epiphany or two. On really special occasions, I get together with friends from the internet to discuss politics, religion, or sometimes just whatever video games or cartoons we’ve been enjoying recently

It’s a no-holes-barred freeform podcast the whole family can enjoy! (Parental Guidance Recommended)

Ep. 53: Vinnie vs. AI Fridays with Vinnie

It's another episode of Fridays with Vinnie! This week, Vinnie really gets into it with AI and whether or not we'll ever achieve true Sci-fi tech.   Got questions/comments for the pod? Send them in to contact@vinnieharned.com!   Recommendations: -Notion (app) -James Acaster's Guide to Quitting Social Media (book) -SEE YOU THERE by Matt Watson (album)
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