men don’t cry.

I saw him floating ominously overhead

A dark cloud of emotion.

Standing on the plain, I thought he might cry

just for a moment

but the cloud passed on

“big boys don’t cry.”

The dry prairie seemed to beg him

to let go

to cry out

to appease the dry and cracked soil

hardened by months of neglect

but the cloud was strong

he held it in

he didn’t cry

Unwilling for the ground to feel his tears

Unwilling for me to see him cry.

So onwards he floated


“big boys don’t cry.”

Growing in pain

in tears.

I heard him again later that night

beating down on my abode

tearing desperately against my walls.

I thought surely my walls would hold

that he would pass on soon.

But the cloud kept beating down on all he loved

no intentions

no desire

just the raging fury of a man that wouldn’t cry.

Wow, a poem? Bet you didn’t see that coming!

I wrote this the other day in between classes. Aside from song lyrics, I haven’t written any poetry since I was 14 so I was unsure whether or not I was formatting the prose or patterns in a pleasing way. Still, I’m relatively pleased with how it turned out; I may even try writing additional poems in the future. It’s a style of writing which lends itself very well to allegories and more vague statements which I’ve always been a sucker for.

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